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The Heaphy Group is a highly experienced and respected provider of investment and advisory services, financial and retirement planning, and private independent trustee services.

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Our mission is to manage and optimize your investments based on your goals while delivering impeccable, personalized service regardless of the size or scope of your assets.

Whether you need to manage a large estate or want to make the most of a small nest egg, our expertise will work for you.

Commission Free
At The Heaphy Group we do not work on commissions nor do we sell products, all of our services are fee based and your interests are at the core of who we are. Our clients have entrusted us with their assets and we are proud of our reputation for trust, integrity, and quality service.

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Unpredictable economies worldwide, low interest rates, and inordinately high common stock prices can cause fear about the future.

Many are realizing the need to employ experienced people who have been through times like these before and can unemotionally guide young and old alike along safe paths in a confusing investment world.

Whatever your needs, whatever your goals, whatever your situation, start the conversation today, Call us at 413.736.8805

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Thursday April 25, 2019

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